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Work at Home Jobs 12/31/07

Earn money blogging about your favorite NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL team

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Date: 2007-12-12, 8:03AM PST

We're looking for passionate sports fans who want to earn money blogging about their favorite team.

We run a network of community sports sites and we’re looking for sports fans who can write blog postings about their favorite teams. We have a site for every team in the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB as well as tennis, golf, and Nascar fan sites. Please tell us what team (or sport) you want to blog about.

In addition to a love of sports, some knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) is helpful as the whole point to this program is to generate lots of unique original content for our sports sites chalk full of keywords. So if you have SEO knowledge let us know – if not we can give you a crash course. It’s pretty straight forward.

Obviously you can work from home, or the local coffee shop, or your biology class, or anywhere you like. This job is perfect for students (or anyone) who want to make some quick extra cash doing something fun in their spare time.

If you have some samples of your writing please paste them into your email response. They can be about sports or not. We just want to see a short excerpt of your writing to get a feel for your writing style. Please keep the writing sample short – less than 250 words.

In your email response please tell us your rate (cost per blog posting).

Location: Anywhere
Compensation: DOE
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.

WANTED! Adult Webdesigner for Gallerys,TGP'S SEO,TRAFFIC TRADES

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Date: 2007-12-19, 12:25PM PST

Seeking One talented Adult Web Designer familiar with most facets of the

industry from designing Adult Pay- sites,Galleries, TGP's to Seo Writing and

trading Traffic links.

Knowledge of Blogging and Word Press plug ins would be a bonus




Location: RENO
Compensation: TO BE DISCUSSED
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.
This is a contract job.

need a cto, architect, senior developer, assistant all in one

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Date: 2007-12-14, 8:13AM PST

some kids wanted to be rock stars, some wanted to be in the major leagues. i was born dirt poor and my only dream was to be filthy rich. i started organizing lemonade stands at 8, got my first business license at 13 promoting sports card shows and i started making money on the internet in 2000 at the age of 19. i hired my first programmer in 2004 and in three years have gone from one simple html site to over twenty very dynamic sites, with a small army of assorted independent contractors, sprinkled all over the globe, holding it all together.

along with the growth in number of web properties has also come considerable financial success and we have leveraged that to make acquisitions to become an even larger force in our highly lucrative niche internet advertising market

what we need now is some organization. i'm looking for the perfect person to bring onto the team. perfect in a number of ways, and i'm not even sure this person exists, but if it is you...please get in touch.

i do not have a tech background. i am a marketing guy. an idea guy. i have designers and developers write every bit of code in every one of my sites. i have no idea how 90% of the stuff works that goes into making up my businesses. as we grow, that is obviously a problem. i need a cto. somebody to handle that vast area i call 'technology' within our company, so i can handle the other vast area, 'business'. this person will need a strong foundation in php/mysql and web application development, be able and willing to code (and code well) any part of the backend areas of our websites. but also be a great communicator who can lead, manage and well as act as a communication buffer between me and the design and development staff. i don't speak their language and i spend a lot of time learning and having stuff translated to me, if i could have a cto who i communicated my ideas to, and who then communicated them to the development and design teams, that would help things a great deal

this person must also have a strong working knowledge of all of the other areas of technology, though their foundation needs to be in the above. they should be able to setup and maintain email accounts for 20+ websites, train others and hire them on how to manage that as well as the database/accounting/access functions of the business...along with hosting and domain registration/parking, the ability to help me find great SEO and design talent (i know those wont be your strong points, but you'll need to at least now how to assess talent in those areas). buying software and computers will be your responsibility as well. basically anytime anything computer, internet, website or otherwise technology related comes up, you'll be the person people talk to first (or last?)...though as i said, the foundation and basis needs to be in software engineering/application development/database development/php/computer science etc

along with overseeing everything hosting, domain, programming, design, development and email related, there are some other intangibles that need to be met.

i'm not the most organized boss. i've been told in a lot of ways i am a bad manager of people. i've been called an asshole many times. i've only retained two full time employees for more than three months (one is my designer and reluctant quasi cto who has been with me two years...he's not right for this job, nor does he want it...he just likes to make designs...and is thrilled i'm trying to find somebody to do the rest)

that said, i a am very good at what i do. i have an amazing knack for finding ways to make obscene amounts of money on the internet. i have million dollar ideas several times a week (at least the last few months). we are a huge player in a very very lucrative niche market now. we are doing things nobody else in our industry has even thought to try yet...and the beauty of all of it is 90% of what we are doing could apply to any other market, we just haven't tried yet.

we are doing social networking, blogging, video, user generated content, mass scale software developement and leasing, super high end custom design projects (as in we take on select clients and charge them very high dollar to make their websites) and a number of other things.

so in short, this is a very exciting company to be a part of. the single biggest hurdle is putting up with, and to a large degree, managing, me. if you can do that, this is nothing short of an opportunity to get very rich.

my little empire is a hodgepodge of corporations, share equity deals, contracts and partnerships. i love to share equity. it is a great motivator of people. we'll start with a nice big salary and an evaluation period (3-6 months) and then talk a more permanent deal with equity/stock options/profit sharing etc. i wont hire somebody who isn't qualified and willing to be the cto of a $200,000,000 year corporation with a huge development staff on several continents. and that is the goal.

if you think that is you, send over an email. and keep in mind there is likely a reverse correlation between the number of words and attachments required in that email and how suited you are for the job.

ah yes, one thing i forgot to mention...i live in an odd combination of asia, north america and europe...and don't spend more than two months in any one place very often at all. we do not have an office at this moment in time. all i know for sure is that we need a lot more people. whether we get an office, outsource, have a management only office and have the rest telecommute or all telecommute or some combination of the above, could be decided by you. at least initially, you'll need to be working from home and/or an executive office type of situation (that the company would pay for)

Location: seattle, the world
Compensation: unlimited
Telecommuting is ok.

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