Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Grandfather, The Grandaughter and The Reindeer

Found this story and i'm sure lots of you will like it...

Michael wrote:

"The other day my 7 year old Grand Daughter came to me asking me if I
would buy something for her?

I told her that if she really wanted the item that she would have to
save or make the money to pay for it her self.

She said that if she waited till she had the Money that the item
wouldn't still be there because everyone wants one and there are
only 5 left at the store.

I told her that she had better quit wasting time making up reasons
why she couldn't or wouldn't get the item and start figuring out how
she could get the money she needed.

(Side Note: I had already purchased the item as one of her
Christmas gifts but I couldn't tell her that!)

After her asking the entire family to buy this item for her and
failing, she began to start thinking of ways she could earn the

She came to me with 3 ideas and one of them I thought just might
work so I helped her to fulfill her mission.

She had noticed that I have what she called (a bunch of old logs)
just laying in a corner of the backyard. (ie, My Fire Wood...lol)

She also noticed while her and her mother were out that people were
making reindeer out of logs and selling them on the main street

She asked me if I would help her make reindeer like what she had
seen while she was out with her mom?

Of course I told her that we would have to do a lot of work to make
them and that she would have to help me as much as she could. She
said she would help me make the reindeer.

I figured it would allow us to spend quality time together and she
would learn a little bit about wood working in the process.

Next I asked her to show me where she had seen the reindeer she
wanted to make. Next we took a road trip to view and to admire the
little works of art.

After seeing what was required to create the same reindeer, we
decided to stop by a local craft store and pick up a few items.

During this visit we spent $9.00 on materials such as Eyes, Noses
and a roll of red ribbon.

When we returned back to my house, we began gathering the logs that
we felt would look the best along with branches for legs, necks and

We set up an area where I would work and another area where she
would work.

My job was to cut/drill all the logs and branches while she glued on
the eyes, noses.

With in 3 hours we had created 30 reindeer. 10 Large, 10 Medium and
10 Small.

We loaded them into my truck and headed to a more ritzy part of the
Highway and asked a store owner if we could set up in front of their
store. They said they couldn't allow us to do that but they were
interested in purchasing all 30 of our reindeer! You Should Have
Seen My Grand Daughters Eyes! I nearly cryed when I seen her!

The store owner gave us $9.00 for each of the large reindeer, $7.00
for each Medium size and $5.00 a piece for each of the small
reindeer. And that wasn't all!

The store owner asked us if we could make more reindeer for him?

We replied, YES WE CAN!

The store owner wanted 30 more of the same for his other three
stores and asked us how soon we could deliver them? That was a
total of 90 more reindeer!

We told him that we would deliver the the next morning and he agreed
to the deal and we did.

OUR COST: $74.00 in expenses + 7 hours of our time.

PROFIT: ($840.00 - $74.00) = $766.00

Whats funny about this whole thing is she was just trying to make
about $200.00 and now I can't wipe the Smile off her Face...lol

What do you think?
Was it just Luck or being in the right place at the right time?


Does this just proves that (One Idea + Determination + Action) = Can Equal Success!

Have a Great Day!

PS, Oh, I almost forgot!
I need to subtract $24.00 from the Profit because she has to buy me
a new rick of fire wood...lol "

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