Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Work at Home Jobs 1/8/08

Experienced Loan Officers FT/PT 90% 18yr STABLE FHA Broker

Reply to: mplawchan@cox.net
Date: 2008-01-01, 11:10AM MST

Experienced FT/PT Loan Officers 90% Split;
NO Desk Fees

150+ Lenders- 32 States
Payroll Weekly
W-2 or 1099 Status (State specific)
Full or Part Time
No Quotas or Minimums
No Desk or "Start-up" Fees
Self Processing is O.K.-- Keep the Fee
NO "Padded" Rate Sheets-Use the Approved Lenders YOU Choose
Over $3.7 Billion Funded in 2006
Outstanding Support
Work "For Yourself--NOT By Yourself"

Windsor Capital Mortgage Corp: "Security and Stability" since 1989

If you are like most professional loan officers, you have a number of questions about Windsor. Are we for real? How can we pay out such high splits? Will we provide anything other than a broker’s license? With over 1800 loan officers brokering $3.7 BILLION in 2006--yes, we ARE for real.


The answers may surprise you. They lie in the simplicity of running a business like, well, a business. By making sure our support staff works effectively and intelligently we keep our overhead low. By keeping our overhead very low we can afford to take only a small portion of your commission. By giving you the respect and autonomy due an experienced professional in your field, we eliminate our need to micro manage and you run your business more effectively. By leveraging our size and strength, we create competitive advantages for you. Finally, by using the most efficient means possible to distribute your resources to you – the internet – we run a lean enough operation to give you much more, for far less than our competition.


Below is a brief list of the Windsor Capital resources which provides you a remarkable edge over your competition. As a Windsor professional, you are given an amazing set of resources with which to build your practice:

1) Optional meetings, covering lender/vendor performance, including "one on one" time with lender reps.

2) Internal private bulletin board service that allows you to communicate with all other Windsor Capital reps for that rare loan scenario you need assistance with or to post comments you think would be helpful to other agents.

3) Preferred Lenders who provide preferred pricing or elite service. Our size and strength means Windsor loan officers enjoy more responsive communication, and have access to preferred pricing in many cases.

4) Access to Loan Prospector and Desktop Originator for instant approvals you can take to any Freddie/Fannie Lender.

5) Payroll: Commissions paid Weekly: 1099 State commissions paid 48 hours.

6) Over 150+ lenders - FHA, VA, Firsts, Seconds, HELOC - and licensing in 32 states.

7) Ability NOT to disclose yield spread premium. When submitting a loan to our Affinity Lenders, you can eliminate disclosing yield spread AND receive 90% commission split.

8) Windsor's corporate website that allows you to check status on loan files, download forms, lender lists, archived newsletters, preferred lenders and vendors.

9) Windsor's "Lender Look-up" function (on the web site)…this allows you to locate "niche" lenders, for that "tough to place" package.

I hope you find this information helpful in making your decision to transition to Windsor Capital. You are about to join a team of 1800 + (and growing) loan officers that is SO much more than just a 90% shop. Please call if you wish to discuss your future with us further.

You are welcome to attend our next meeting to find out more about Windsor Capital and how we help our loan officers build their business.

Visit Website: www.windsorcap.com - then click the "join" tab; and this will lead you to the "Most Commonly Questions" and the answers to those questions, Commission Split Sample and more…OR, call my direct number (800-688-1060). We look forward to speaking with you.

Mickie Maurer
Intermountain West Regional Manager
Direct Line: 800-688-1060
Direct Fax: 480-323-2092
BK 0902184

Location: Phoenix/ Arizona Statewide
Compensation: Commissioned
Telecommuting is ok.


Media Planner wanted

Reply to: see below
Date: 2008-01-02, 8:18PM EST

To recommend= the most appropriate types of media to use, as well as the most effective timing and locations for http://www.1800taxescpa.com

• Budget is $40,000 to start
• Online and offline
• Radio
• Primarily B-B sites and trades where self employed individuals are most likely to visit, listen or read.
• Local metro area buys

Please call Robert Horowitz at 212 764-2300 for more information.

Location: Manhattan - telecommuting ok
Compensation: Comensurate with experience
Telecommuting is ok.

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