Friday, April 4, 2008

160 Things to Take to a Craft Show

By Susan West - 01/08/01

Are you looking for a concise list of things to take to a craft show with you? Here is a list that is broken down into easy to read categories.

For Professional Appearance:

Product/Packing Related:
All merchandise clearly priced (best done, before the show)
Any product information signs necessary
Boxes for purchases
Customer bags
Extra price tags
Hang tags & care instructions (as required)/ Price Tags
Inventory list/prices
Tissue or newspaper for fragile items

Booth signs
Business cards and holder
Company name sign
Invitations to other shows/exhibits of your works
Media folder (in case of interview at show)
Referral sign - where else can they find your work
Retail order forms/price list
Show schedule to use as a bag stuffer & handouts
Special order forms - 2 part
Wholesale and/or retail special order forms
Wholesale order forms/price list

Office Supply Kit:
Clipboard and writing pad or notebook
Paper clips
Paper or index cards
Paper weight
Pens and pencils - red one for mark downs
Push pins & extra tacks
Rubber bands
Safety and/or straight pins
Stapler and staples
Tape - scotch, masking, duct, packing

Sales Related:
800 authorization number for credit card authorization
Cash box with change, ones, fives & tens or
Cash register & battery pack
Cell phone
Charge/credit slips
Credit card equipment (if you offer it)
Receipt book/sales book
Sales tax chart

Clear Paper Protector to hold the following:
Copy of your sales tax certificate of authority to hang in your booth
Correspondence with the promoter - directions, rules, regulations, phone notes, copy of canceled check, etc.
Copy of application with date sent and check number
Any notes about the show - pros or cons
Guest book- to develop a mailing list
3 Ring binder with all your show information in chronological order - this is great for sharing with other crafters
Rolling drawer unit to keep all office/sales/literature materials in; it's easily accessible and you never have to unpack
Tablet to record sales and mileage
Copy of this checklist

For Displays:

Tool Kit:
Glue for repairs - Elmer's, super glue, tacky
Hammer (to pound in spikes)
Hot glue gun
Needle nose pliers
Tape measure
Touch up paintbrush
Wire cutters

Display Props:
Carpeting or floor covering for size of booth
Chairs or stool with a back on it
Display aids
Folding screens
Grid displays
Pegboard and hooks
Plate display stands
Wall units
Fabric draping for riser or shelf coverings
Folding tables
Music and tape player
Table clothes (clean & pressed) - to ground level

Display Hardware:
"C" Clamps (to secure a screen to a tabletop or sheeting to tent in case of rain
Bungee cords if you're outdoors
Canopy or tent & supplies
Extra weights or spikes
Fishing line (invisible hangers)
Opaque sheeting or drop clothes to cover display at overnight shows
Plastic tarps or sheeting in case of rain or overnight
Shims for table legs
Side-walls or tarps for overnight
Tape gun
Tie down ropes
Twist ties
Weights for holding display and tent down in the wind

3 or 4 extension cords- different lengths
3-to-2 adapters
Clip-on lights
Duct tape to tape the cord to the floor
Extension cord at least 50'
Extra 40-60 watt light bulbs
Multi-plug outlets
Power strip
Cleaning Supplies:
Clean cloth rags
Garbage bags
Glass cleaner
Other cleaners
Paper towels
Small hand vacuum
Small trash can

All materials/supplies for making your craft
All tools needed
Candy or cookies for shoppers and children
Free samples

Dolly or cart to transport stock to your booth

For Personal Comfort:

Change of clothes- anything can happen
Change of shoes
Extra socks
Inner soles for shoes

Cooler with drinks & food
Frozen bottle of water or juice
Gallon jugs of water can double as weights
High energy foods and juices
Paper plates
Plastic utensils
Simple food - like crackers or cut-up vegetables that won't be a mess
Thermal mug
Water bottle
Weather related
Battery operated fan
Bug spray
Jacket or sweater
Neck coolers
Pair of rainproof boots
Sun hat and/or sunglasses
Sun screen

Health related:
Aspirin and/or any medicines you may require for the day
Box of tissues
First aid kit (prescription drugs, bandages, first aid cream, anything needed for allergies)
Hand lotion
In case of emergency - phone numbers of family members

Make up kit
Toilet tissue (you never know)
Wet wipes

Cushion for chair
Fix-it kit with needles
Paper towels

© Copyright 2001 Susan West

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