Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Company Description: 16yr Old Discount Health Plan Organization offers an alternative to traditional insurance. We are a 100 Million Dollar Debt free company listed in good standing with the US Chamber of Commerce, the DSA, Dunn and Bradstreet, National Association of Dental Plans and The Consumer Health Alliance.

Start Up Fees/Kits: $95.00 Initital Start Up

RSD Training Kit Contents
(1) Welcome Letter
(2) Sales Aid Order Forms (with return envelopes)
(1) AmeriCAM /IBO Support Instructions
(1) New IBOs: Your Questions Answered
(1) AmeriPlan® Discount Programs "What-If" DVD
(25) AmeriPlan® Discount Programs brochures (with envelopes)
(5) IBO Applications
(1) IBO "AmeriPlan Health® Membership Application"
(1) IBO Commission Election Form
(1) "Your Business at Home Magazine" order form with envelope
(1) "What IF" DVD order form with envelope
(2) $25.00 Sales Aid Certificates

Monthly Fees and Minimum: $50.00 Monthly Overhead Cost

With the $50.00 monthly fee we receive:
Unlimited Training and Support
Corporate Staffing... The corporate office takes all incoming calls from the nearly 2 million members we currently have, they send out membership kits and offer IBO Support Dental Plus Program for our household Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Discount to Office Depot, Dell Computers, Sprint and much more Websites to market the Programs and Business Opportunity

Commission and Downline Structure: AmeriPlan's compensation plan for Independent Business Owners (IBO) pays a 30% level monthly residual commission on all personal business you write.

Starting with *SRSD, AmeriPlan's lucrative overrides richly reward IBOs who develop new leaders in their downline organization.

Sales Director
A Sales Director is any IBO who has achieved the Pin Level of RSD or above.

RSD=Regional Sales Director
Personally sign up 4 new active, first level IBOs and 6 new active, first level members to achieve Regional Sales Director. RSDs receive the RSD Pin along with a Sales Director contract that is 100% vested, willable and sellable.

SRSD=Senior Regional Sales Director
An active RSD who develops 3 active, titled first level RSDs promotes to SRSD. SRSDs receive the SRSD Pin and are eligible for first level Builders Bonus overrides. Begin earning a 15% override on your first line.

ESD=Executive Sales Director
An active SRSD who develops 1 active, titled first level SRSD promotes to ESD. ESDs receive the ESD Pin and are eligible for first and second level Builders Bonus overrides. Begin earning a 15% override on your first line plus 10% override on your second line.

SESD=Senior Executive Sales Director
An active ESD who develops 2 active, titled first level SRSDs promotes to SESD. SESDs receive the SESD Pin and are eligible for first, second and third level Builders Bonus overrides. Begin earning a 15% override on your first line plus 10% override on your second line and 5% on your third line.

NSD=National Sales Director
An active SESD who develops 3 active, titled first level SRSDs promotes to NSD. NSDs receive the NSD Pin and are eligible for first, second, third and fourth level Builders Bonus overrides. Begin earning a 15% override on your first line plus 10% override on your second line, 5% on your third line and 3% on your fourth line.

Other: We are a team of individuals dedicated to our TEAMS success. We have found that there is great success to be earned working close together helping, supporting, training, encouraging and mentoring others.

This is a business that you can enter into with our team and know that you will receive the support you need to build a successful home based business.

For More Information contact:
Name: Susan Goodknight
Company: AmeriPlan®
Phone: 800-581-3944
website: http://www.sgoodknight.com

(This has been a free advertisement for my fellow work at home professionals. If you would like a free advertisement, please click here.)

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