Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Virutal Recruiter for International Search Consultants, International Search Consultants, inc. is growing and we are looking to add a few new good recruiters to our team.

This is a sub-contractor, 1099 position.

There will be a background check done prior to inviting anyone to join our team.

You will work virtual, and be responsible for providing a land line and an internet connection. ISC will pay for all other overhead, including 800#, access to all job boards, and tons of extra tools to help you be successful. We do offer training for folks with no recruiter training but it is minimal...definitely looking for someone who is self motivated and can work independently.

For the first month you will be focused strictly on NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT...cold calling into companies, using our sourcing tools to give you contact info, and then calling in, attempting to gain new job orders. After roughly one month you will then be either working job orders that you have developed yourself, or working on house accounts.

We also have positions for strictly New Business Development for the right person. Straight commission, we need someone who understands that this is a long sales cycle and can realistically go for the first few months with no paycheck. After typically 3 months your pipeline fills up and then the cks can be pretty consistent, however it never changes from being a straight commission position. In 2007 the biggest single commission ck for one month was for $34k. Extremely high earning potential, this is not for the weak of heart! Big dollars, you can make $10k in a day, and lose it in a day if deal falls thru, candidate accepts counter-offer, etc.

Looking for someone who wants to be in charge of their own destiny. Extremely high earning potential, 6-figures is definitely possible in this position, but it does take a full time person who can handle the ups and down of this brutal but exhilarating business. THIS IS A FULL CYCLE RECRUITING POSITION....YOU WILL BE FINDING YOUR OWN JOB ORDERS, FILLING THEM, ETC. We provide full resources and the tools for you to succeed, but you will be responsible for procuring your own job orders in addition to working on house accounts.

ISC's Mission Statement:
To make as much money as humanly possible, while maintaining the highest levels of ethics and integrity with a minimal level of drama.

More Money, Less Drama!

NO prima donnas, divas, psychos or cry babies, puhleeze. WE are a team of supportive, NICE recruiters who place a high value on having a pleasant team atmosphere, with no negativity. Looking for someone who fits into that mold. We are looking for someone who understands this is a straight commission job, with a long sales cycle. Working virtual, hours are flexible but we still need someone who can realistically put in 40 hours a week. They can be flexible hours, but the hours still need to be put in, in order to build the momentum needed to be successful at this.

Confident on the phone, must have good computer skills. A background in phone sales would be ideal.

Recruiting is ultimately sales, and high end sales at that with a long sales cycle. Must be able to work independently at home, with the ability to financially and emotionally withstand a straight commission position. Many consider this a dream job, if you can go into it being very aware of the highs and lows.

This is long range, big game hunting! We are looking for Elephant Hunters only!

We say we want ' Elephant Hunters' because this is akin to a Big Game Hunt. We are looking for someone with not only the financial ability to withstand 90 days without a paycheck, but also, and even more importantly, the mental fortitude to work for 3 months before snagging your first big check.'

Elephant hunters keep their eyes on the prize, knowing that they are day by day inching towards the big trophy. The first 90 days you are planting your crops, knowing that with lots of care and attention, you will be able to reap the rewards of your efforts down the line.

'Butterfly catchers' need not apply. Someone who expects or needs immediate rewards for their work efforts would not do well in this.

MANDATORY...MUST be able to effectively communicate on-line. If people are constantly replying back to you, saying they do not understand your note, this is NOT for you.

However, if you are an effective communicator on the phone and on e-mail, are pleasant and money motivated, understand that you can make six figures doing this but that it takes someone who is willing to CONSISTENTLY put in 40 hour weeks, will not break down in tears/hives/spasms when deals fall apart :o), e-mail me and we will go from there. It honestly can be a DREAM JOB for the RIGHT person.

If you feel that you are a good match,cick here to apply.

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