Tuesday, February 6, 2007

AmeriPlan USA

Hello! My name is Tara Claghorn. I found myself in some serious debt after college. I was struggling to survive as a young single woman, even with a full-time job. I am a wildland fire fighter and a graduate student of forestry. I love what I do, yet am realistic about how much I can make in my field. I had to find a way to supplement my income to avoid getting deeper in debt and prepare for a comfortable future. I knew I couldn't handle a second job with restricted hours and restricted financial opportunities. I wanted a home based business where I could control how much I made and be rewarded by how much effort I put into it. I decided that I was going to take control of my financial sitution and change my life. I vowed to myself that I never would be broke again.

It took a few years of searching for me to find the right home business opportunity. There are thousands of scams on the internet that can cause discouragement and distrust. I found an ad while investigating legitimate home based businesses which contained a real story, a real phone number, and a real opportunity. I found my mentor there, who earned $34,000 her first year with AmeriPlan USA®, the Nation's Largest Discount Benefits Company. I was able to speak with her directly and saw the success that others had gained through AmeriPlan USA®. I am just beginning my career with AmeriPlan USA®, and am able to proudly promote this company because of the huge need in this country for affordable benefits. I am so blessed to have found a way to earn an honest income that continues to build every day. There are thousands of IBOs (Independent Business Owner) making six figures in their first two to four years. In the few weeks I have spent as an IBO, I truly believe that the future of consumer driven health care and the ability to work my own hours at my own pace will reward me with the success I desire.

This is not insurance, so you don't need a license to do this business. You don't need any experience (I didn't have any at all). We have weekly Training Conference Calls you can join and ask questions at the end of the call. We also have an extensive Training Website and you will receive your own free professional web page.

While choosing a legitimate home based business, I investigated many factors and chose AmeriPlan USA® because of its reputation and stability.

Learn more about Tara and AmeriPlan USA.

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