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Work at Home Jobs 12/14/07

SAS programmer/analyst, health care claims

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Date: 2007-12-04, 1:09PM EST

I am a self-employed Ph.D. economist looking to hire an assistant.

The work consists mostly of analysis of large health care claims data sets, using SAS, on Windows PCs. It also requires enough Excel skills to be able to move the results to spreadsheets, and enough language skills to write up methods and results if required.

This is programmer/analyst position, not purely programming. If your only skill is SAS programming, I probably can’t use you.

I need someone who can learn to deal effectively with large, complex health care claims data sets. This is a bit of a science and a bit of an art. This means being a fairly good SAS programmer, or at least being able to learn quickly from my existing library of programs. But mostly, it requires someone who is totally comfortable with complex problems involving numbers, data, logic, and statistics.

I suppose I am looking for a college graduate with a few years of experience. But I’d cheerfully accept a more mature person at a higher pay rate if it looks like the higher productivity would warrant it. I expect this to be a permanent position. In effect, I want someone to be my apprentice, learning this business from a master programmer/analyst (me) who just happens to own the company (Direct Research, LLC).

What’s so hard about this job? A) The underlying data sets capture the entire range of diseases and health care treatments, as viewed through the lens of insurance payment rules. B) The data sets can be large, on the order of 50 gigabytes for some of the larger ones. C) You sometimes have to do complex things with the data, for example, model changes in Medicare payment rates under various alternatives, D) I do a wide variety of tasks on tight deadlines.

I have a large, stable client base consisting of Fortune 500 health care companies, a few startups, and a few professional associations. I have far too much work, and I’m getting too old (nearing 50) to do SAS programming efficiently any more. My hope is that my assistant(s) will take over an increasingly large portion of the work and will grow into the job.

Hours and conditions are flexible, but intense. I have more work offered to me than I can take on. The faster it gets done, the more money I make. Consequently, getting things done quickly and accurately is all (!) I ask. Beyond that, what do I care? Probably, you'd telecommute via a virtual private network connection to my computers, though I have not tested that yet. If that's too slow, you'd have to commute to Vienna, VA where the business is physically located.

Let me emphasize that the work is demanding. In this job, you have to grind out results, for a broad array of projects and clients, day in and day out. No meetings, discussions, breaks, team-building exercises, training, or other Dilbert-esque activities. Instead, you’d sit at your computer, writing and running SAS programs. Picture yourself sitting alone at a computer, uninterrupted, for eight hours a day, writing SAS code. I’m OK with that, but I’d guess that relatively few people would be. I’m looking for one of those few.

Your actual work hours are mostly your own business, so long as they overlap mine to some degree (7AM-5PM or so). But if you need the discipline of fixed hours and a discrete workplace environment, or really like interacting with your colleagues at work, this is not for you.

Benefits and pay? Hourly wage with no benefits, guaranteed minimum monthly hours. I want you to charge me by the hour, as a subcontractor, at least initially. I can explain why if we discuss the job further. If you prefer a traditional salary arrangement, we can discuss that. This is a full-time position, but I will consider a good candidate who wants part-time work. We will, in effect, share the total workload of the company.

Let me emphasize that there are no benefits. Not even paid vacation, not even sick leave. Nothing. I’ll treat you as a subcontractor, at least for the time being. You will, in fact, pay both halves of the Social Security tax. So, you're working by the hour, and you’ll charge me accordingly so that you'll be happy with the net result. As a guideline, take an hourly rate you’d find acceptable in a regular job, and multiply by 1.5.

How much will I pay? Beats me. People seem to be pretty cagey about what they’re willing to pay. I guess I’d better stick with the crowd on that. Looks like a GS12 step 1 gets in the neighborhood of $60K/year, call that $30/hour. That’s a GS 12, but with great benefits. So I’m putting that in as a starting point, $30/hour, highly negotiable. I’ve never advertised for this position before, I have no clue what it will take to hire the right person.

Process? 1) Email me a resume; 2) Briefly summarize why you'd be right for this job; and 3) Tell me the hourly rate you would want. Please do not expect me to reply to you. I know that's rude but I am pressed for time (else I wouldn't be advertising for the job). This is the first time I’ve advertised for this job and I have no idea what the response will be. Basically, if I like what I see I'll get back to you, and we'll take it from there.

Location: Vienna, VA
Compensation: $30/hour highly negotiable, no benefits, guaranteed minimum hours per month.
Telecommuting is ok.

**Note** I have posted the next job before, but apparently they are still looking for the right person and have been for a few months now.

Seeking Virtual Office Assistant

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Date: 2007-12-12, 1:20PM EST
Seeking Virtual Office Assistant We are a new startup web site specializing in news articles about scandals in the US. We are looking for a Virtual Office Assistant knowledgeable in small business duties. Visit us at
Location: Telecommute
Compensation: 23K
Telecommuting is ok.



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Date: 2007-12-12, 12:06PM EST

The Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation is a small non-profit organization focused on supporting research and education on pediatric cardiomyopathy, a chronic and potentially life threatening heart disease that occurs in children. Due to our growing needs, the Executive Director is conducting a search for a project coordinator to support her and the Assistant Executive Director in various projects.

This position is ideal for a self-starter who enjoys the challenge of working in an entrepreneurial environment and wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. Key projects may include planning and managing fundraisers and conferences, writing newsletter articles, developing press materials, managing direct mail campaigns to physicians and families, overseeing the development of a physician database, creating turnkey volunteer programs and resource booklets, working with hospitals/physicians on patient education projects, and creating new family resources. Depending on the candidate’s writing and business skills, there may be additional marketing and/or PR projects. Because we are a lean organization, there is administrative work involved with each project.

This is a part time virtual position. The job would be performed off site with occasional meetings every 2 weeks. We prefer a candidate to be located in Bergen County, NJ with a full home office set up (dedicated business line, fax, printer, internet access, computer with up to date software etc.). We are looking for a flexible, all-around person who is satisfied doing part time work. As the organization’s operating budget increases, there may be an opportunity for full time employment. The candidate should have the following abilities:

-Strong writing skills
-Prior marketing/communication experience writing press releases, articles, pitch letters
-Detailed knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint
-Experience in prioritizing work with the ability to handle multiple
tasks simultaneously
-Detailed oriented and excellent follow up and interpersonal skills
-Flexible, resourceful and reliable

More information about our organization can be found at

Location: Bergen County, NJ applicants only
Compensation: $18/hour for flexible part time (16-21 hours/week with at least 50% of work performed during normal business hours)
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.

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