Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Work for Merchant Circle as a home based Sales Rep

Join our new Local Advertiser Onramp Initiative and help local businesses find more customers online.

MerchantCircle is building a new program that will pay local reps for signing up local businesses on MerchantCircle and for selling merchants a monthly subscription that would provide a complete set of online local advertising benefits. We are looking for reps nationwide to help improve small businesses' ability to find more customers online.

We believe some of the most effective sales reps will be local businesses (like yours) that have already signed up for and are using MerchantCircle. We also believe that successful sales reps are likely to be from cities where there are already a lot of local businesses that have signed up for MerchantCircle.

Based on these beliefs, we are inviting merchants that meet these two criteria to join the program. You could become a MerchantCircle sales rep for your town and get paid for educating local businesses and helping them find more customers with online advertising. The program is in test mode through June and will launch in July.

The program is free to join and provides significant marketing benefits to help you find more customers online. After all, what better way to help you become a great rep than to have a great experience using the service and product you will be signing merchants up for and selling to them so they can find more customers online.

If you are interested, please email us with questions or comments at and we will send you more information.

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