Thursday, July 31, 2008

Axis Global Client Referral Services Scam or Not?

Axis Global Client Referral Services aka Axis Global aka Axis Telecommute Job Services regularly places posts on job boards and emails job searchers offering, and I quote: "Clerical, Telemarketing, Data Entry, Medical Transcription, Telemarketing & Virtual Assistant Job Openings!"
The email they send out seems very convincing.  I've provided a copy of it below for your reference.  In fact, the phone number at the bottom is even answered by a real person.  That is a good start.  An interesting thing to note, their website address is not provided in the email nor do they show up in a Google Search.  I found it though, take a look for yourself at Axis Global Client Referral Services.
It's marginally impressive design wise but that doesn't make nor break an authentic company.  An interesting note, their president name is listed as S. Smith.  Hardly unique, but not a red flag in and of itself.
My gut response to this company is questionable.  Now I could be mistaken and ask that you use your own judgement, but here is an explaination of why I believe Axis Global, while not definitively a scam, requires serious consideration before trying them.  Mind you none of this is hard evidence but it is something to consider. 
  1. Companies that offer true work at home employment for a volume of people are very rarely in need of staff.  In fact, they generally have a long waiting list.  Axis Global advertises for contractors regularly.
  2. Companies in general do not charge job applicants for their own background checks, Axis Global does.  They are hiring you as a contractor not an employee so this policy remains controversial at best.
  3. Finally, companies that offer true work at home employment for large numbers of people are heavily talked about in the Work at Home forums with employees coming together to share experiences, help each other out, and provide honest information about the opportunity to other job seekers.
What I found in the work at home forums about Axis Global was not positive.  There were not Axis Global support forums.  The few posts I found about it were from people asking about the opportunity and others responding with the same three stories over and over: 
  1. I paid my $35 fee and never heard from them again. 
  2. I paid my $35 fee and when I tried to contact them, they were very rude and nasty. 
  3. I paid my $35 fee.  Then they hired me to recruit other people to pay their $35 fee.  By the time I realized it was a scam there were a lot of people I had inadvertantly frauded out of $35 and now they won't stop calling me back, emailing me and IMing me about getting a refund.  I feel horrible and was never paid either.
I can not verify the validity of their stories, you'll have to decide for yourself.  If you already have experience with Axis Global, good or bad, feel free to leave me a comment.

Axis Global's recruiting email reads as follows:
Good Morning,
At Axis Global, we will put you in direct contact with our TOP referral clients in need of your assistance!
We are contacting you to see if you are still in the job market to work from your home office on a PT/FT contract basis with our company performing clerical, data entry, customer service, and telemarketing contract positions. All internal jobs are available for immediate hire.
We are conducting employment pre-screening consultations and presentation viewings this week on "Who We Are & What We Do" to become an agent with us to work a internal job or accept a client referral position based on your work background.
We would like you to come aboard to work with our company as a new contracting agent.
Please review further if you are seeking reliable part time supplemental or full time employment from home.
"Who We Are & What We Do"
Axis Global Client Referral Services is a leading outsourcing staffing agency that contract agents to work from home for various outsourcing clients throughout the world.
Axis Global Client Referral Service is a virtual contract staffing agency founded in 2001, that provides a wide range of telecommute employment to applicants seeking viable employment from home to make a full or part time living, consulting and our preferred division of our Transportation Referral Services that we provide to clients nationwide.
As an independent contractor you can work with our company internally or we can refer you out to clients that hire agents to work from home. At Axis, we will give you several options to find employment with our company.
Please submit your contractor resume, application and background check submission to us for immediate REVIEW for contract employment. We will then email you your questionaire and testing certification modules to follow.
Upon Approval.................
Once you have successfully completed our recruitment process to become an agent we will be delighted to offer you a client referral or an internal job position with us as an independent contractor working from home.
Deadline For New Agent Submission: Friday, 8/1/2008, 5:00 PM
To Become An Agent
You must have a home office setup such as:
Computer, telephone line, internet (cable, dsl, satellite and some projects will allow you to use dial up (however not many), printer and/or home or cell telephone for client positions to work.
You must create your profile and submit your resume.
You must be able to fully complete our interview questionaire.
You must be able to work 25 to 40 hour per week.
You must be able to successfully complete and submit a request to order our contractor's background verification check which is $35.00 that we is required by our 3rd party verification pre-screening agency, due to sensitive information on our client projects.
You must be able to complete our Independent Contractor Clerical Testing Certification Modules and our interview questionaire.
New Contract Agent Certifications to work as a referral contracting agent with us can take 5 - 7 days from the time you apply and complete our recruitment process before we can refer you out to outsourcing referral clients or work an internal position with us.
We will send you your designated login password to access our "Who We Are & What We Do" presentation website to begin our recruitment process on becoming a virtual agent with Axis Global.
Location: All Positions are PT and FT Work At Home Jobs
New Agent Pre-screening Request Submission
Please return this questionaire back to our HR Department at for speedy processing and delivery within 24 hours.
___ Please send me your website for more information and to apply and to request a designated Virtual Recruiter.
What job are you presently seeking?
Email* (Please verify)
Phone Number
What is the best time of the day to reach you? / 8 AM - 5 PM
*What time zone are you located in? (PST, MTN, CST, EST)?
*Which Overview Pre-screening Are You Requesting?
Please state your preference of our initial recruitment process.
Power Point Slide Show Viewing or Virtual Recruiter Consultation:
*Do you meet all the hiring criterias as an Contract Referral Agent?
How did you hear about us?
Do you have a home office setup (computer, internet & telephone line?
Are you currently working now?
How soon can you start working with us?
Expertise Recruitment Areas: $12.00 - $60.00 per hour
Location: Work At Home Office
Business to Business Marketing
Typing Clerks
Internal Jobs/Data Entry
Document Coding
Virtual Assistants
Legal Transcription
Marketing Agents
Medical Transcription
Customer Service Reps
Proof Readers
Inbound/Outbound Sales
Freelance Writers
Online Tutors
Recruiting/HR Dept
Website Design
Computer Programming
Our staff will contact you within the next 24 hrs to complete our recruitment process after your profile that you create is received and reviewed by our HR Staff.
After you view our slide show on "Who We Are & What We Do" you will need to complete our application and background verification request and submit your resume to in an attachment or email text for speedy processing on becoming an agent with us.
Our recruitment approval process takes 5 - 7 days, therefore next Friday is earliest that you will be eligible upon approval to begin working with us.
Thank You!
Corporate Office: 1 405 761 7221
Click here to be removed from our mailing list


Administrative Work At Home Job Listings said...


That is hard to believe because I currently work with Axis Global and I have had nothing but good luck over the past 4 years of working with them as a contractor. I work at a document coder and a marketing advertising agent. The only fee I had to pay was $35 for my verification check. You should put the focus on getting a job then name slandering companies that are legitimate and viable to others seeking jobs. If you are new to working from home which it sounds like a lot of contracting clients I am finding now days are charging a fee for background checks to contractors and that do not make them a scam when there are no further fees and they are giving you legitimate work. Axis has over 20 internal jobs here:

If you are truly an agent then you would be working at least 2 -3 projects or working with client referral by now.

A lot of agents are not serious about working from home and businesses are loosing. As a contractor not an employee you are responsible for any fees or equipments that is not provided by the client.

If you need help with job service provider information you will need to email HR at or call them directly, Mindy is very nice and helpful 1 405 761 7221.

Thanks and I hope this info helps.

Baltimore, Maryland

Axis Global Client Referral Services said...

Hi Cherly Hartzman,

Not a good way to promote your site!

We have plenty of job openings and we are shocked to hear this on your site -
We do not call or harass either.

Our HR staff have received numerous invalid complaints regarding your online blog that you have posted on your site from our remote agents that currently work with us.

We find this information posted rather disturbing and plan to seek legal action if you do not remove our firm from your site immediately. We will give you 48 hours to remove this name slandering blogging from your site before our firm takes legal action against you and we will notify also the .

We do not show you in our database as an agent if so please provide us with your valid email address so we can research your agent file status:

Our office hours are 8 am - 5 pm CST if you have any questions for valid and correct information call us............1 405 761 7221.

When promoting your website.....The best thing you can do is let your visitors know about accurate information regarding our company instead of negative publicity that will land you in court for name slandering when you are not an agent with us.

Thank You!

Vanessa Lynn Johnson
Axis Global VP
405 761 7221

Cheryl Hartzman said...

Carrie, thank you for sharing your experience with Axis Global.

Cheryl Hartzman said...

Axis Global,

This country has a constitutional right to free speach and I intend to exercise it. This post will not be removed and I do not feel it is dishonest. I've shared my opinion, encouraged my readers to form their own, and shared opinions I've found elsewhere.

I've received one comment from one of your agents. I find it unlikely that you've received numerous complaints about my post as I've only received 27 unique visitors to my blog since posting this report on 7/31. But, if you have, if fact, received complaints from SO many of your agents, I invite them to leave me comments as to their experiences too. I welcome a well rounded discussion of your company so that my readers get the truth of the situation. If you are, in fact, a genuine agency, then my readers will need to know that because it is very difficult to find any information about your company online, positive or negative. And if you have a policy of threatening everyone who writes about your company with lawsuits, then that explains why. That is not a good way to promote your site.

Furthermore, I never said your company or it's agents harrass anyone. I said that people who pay $35 and do not receive any work harrass the agents who recruited them - according to third party reports, which I sited.

In addition, I am not one of your agents, nor do I intend to become one. I've have never once presented myself as offering "inside information" about your company. I simply shared reports of others.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Axis global needs to take some of that money they are earning and find a BETTER lawyer. One who actually understands the definition of SLANDER....which by the way only applies to SPOKEN statements not those written. That would be LIBEL.

All this is actually irrelevant because in order for it to qualify as any of the above it has to be an untruthful statement. As long as the blogger is stating FACTS as they occurred to her, she is free to post any and all information at her disposal.

I'm curious to know if Axis Global is also planning on suing the Better Business Bureau? They are giving your company an UNSATISFACTORY rating, are they ((GASP)) slandering you as well?

Bottom line, Axis Global Client Referral Services AKA Axis Global Telecommuting Job Services AKA Axis Global Telecommuting is simply blowing a lot of hot air.

Anonymous said...

Wow Vanessa! Was that a threat from Axis Global?? Legal action? Seriously?? What did this owner do wrong? You should consider yourself lucky - she didn't even say anything nasty! She simply stated the facts that are out there for everyone to see- and that comes from those who signed up for Axis Global and weren't treated as they should have been. Pretty defensive about it all - I wonder why?
Cheryl - I hope all your readers catch this posting and NEVER sign up for Axis Global. Sounds like every other SCAM! If their company was as legitimate as they say they wouldn't have the time or worry to comment on every blog post made about them.

Take this as a sign - RUN FAST THE OTHER WAY!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, They have an unsatisfactory listing with the BBB.

Also I found this:

Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 01-jun-2008
Creation Date: 01-jun-2008
Expiration Date: 01-jun-2009

Have they only been in business a month???????

Audrey :)
Become a Tupperware Consultant


Ah the joys of's a bit more info for you so that you know who's threatening you:

Jessica Mitchell
PO BOX 21296
Oklahoma City, OK 73114


Administrative Contact:
Mitchell, Jessica
PO BOX 21296
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Technical Contact:
Admin, Domain
+1.8007972958 Fax: +1.6503647329

Audrey :)
Become a Tupperware Consultant

A WAHM MOM said...

Wow! You are nice! I see a ton of red flags. Not saying it's a scam but:

1.) Never pay for a job. If you need a background check, then offer to go to your police dept. to have this done. I had to do that when I worked for a tutoring company. They never saw my money, but the police dept. did.

Anyway, don't ever send a company money for something like this.

2.) Seeing what others say is always a good thing.

3.) They seem to like to threaten. I found a few other posts with "they are threatening to sue me". That makes me nervous.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I have tried several times to get internal and Client Referral jobs thru them. All I get back in return when I IM with them thru Yahoo! is, "How about #2 or 14 or this or that?" They always ask me to do projects that are internal and require mostly cold calling people. They never tell me I can do what I express interest in. Has anyone else had this problem with them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

I would like to share some of my positive experiences with you all Axis Global in which I think the company is GREAT for anyone with doubts.

I applied over a month ago with Axis Global. Mindy the mgr is helpful and in fact she found me not 1 contract job but 2 from home and they have so many selections to choose from which makes it so hard to decide when finding a job. I currently work as a inbound customer service agent taking order entry calls and I also work FT doing Data Entry with a law firm.

I have received checks from working with Axis Global Client Referral Services so me and my husband and kids are Very Excited to know its REAL!!

The company site link is and their number is 405 886 9429. I would ask for Mindy or Carol - they both are helpful and nice people.

Thank you so much!
Good Luck to all!

Anne K.

Anonymous said...


We dearly apologize for any misleading or wrongful information posted on this website that Cheryl posted, in which is not an agent with us nor have never applied with us and has only speculated invalid information to bring attention to her site.

For anyone that would like to setup a phone consultation with our Virtual Recruiter and would like receive accurate and valid information regarding our firm and your future job placement with us a contractor
please call 1405 886 9429 or email us and ask to be assigned your virtual recruiter to assist you with your job search.

Axis Global Client Referral Services - PT & FT Legitimate Data Entry, Customer Service & Transcription Jobs!

Work At Home Contractors!

Important to review all website link information ~ Thank You!

Home Page:

To Become An Agent:

Internal Jobs:

Client Referrals Jobs:

Contractor Pre-screening Request:


Expertise Recruitment Areas: $12.00 - $60.00 per hour Location: Work At Home Office

Business to Business Marketing
Typing Clerks
Internal Jobs/Data Entry
Document Coding
Virtual Assistants
Legal Transcription
Marketing Agents
Medical Transcription
Customer Service Reps
Proof Readers
Inbound/Outbound Sales
Freelance Writers
Online Tutors
Recruiting/HR Dept
Website Design
Computer Programming

Our staff will contact you within the next 24 hrs via email to complete our recruitment process after your profile that you created is received and reviewed by our HR Staff.
Thank You!

AG HR STAFF Home Office: 1 405 886 9429

AudreyO said...

I really really really wonder why they/her are even here posting? Geez I had a problem with my HP computer. I posted about it. I told the whole world that we had a problem with HP. Not one HP employee came to tell me I shouldn't post about them. This company/her has time to follow one blog and keep arguing???

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cheryl,
I tried for months to get job offers from Axis Global. The Yahoo IM that they said to use was always offline. The 2 or 3 job postings I did get sent were going to pay a very small amount for hours of phone calling.
They never followed through on any data entry jobs that I was trying to get. I wasted $35 for a background check. I would not recommend any one waste time with them.

AudreyO said...

I just wanted to add, I've reread the comments here. The one person who spoke up for this company is anonymous. So, some noone created an account and came and posted.

Carol, if you paid by credit card, dispute the charge. Get your money back.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I was able to find this site through google searching after getting an email from this same company. Any time a company asks for money up front i'm often suspicious and research them over the net. i've only had time to check on a couple other forums so far but find what seems to be that one successful person posting the same way on many board.

I will say they gave me a good laugh especially with the threatening of a lawsuit. Another good one was when it was shown above that the Domain has been active for a month, yet the posting from "administrative work at home job listings" said "... I have had nothing but good luck over the past 4 years of working with them..."

Although I can't know for certain how bad the jobs listings are since I have not paid my $35, but forums like this are what save people from wasting that hard earned money, and I appreciate everyone that takes the time to post what they know on scams.

Prettydisneygirl said...

Well, let's see I gave them my $35. I signed up to do work for them and they had me calling people from a resume site. I had absolutely no training or assistance. I spent 10 hours calling people and never got a dime.

So I gave them one more chance, I requested information for the data entry position. They told me to log in but never gave me a log in, then a woman called me and screamed at me that I was unreliable. I sent them IM's asking for the log in several times to no avail. So I called "Jessica" with no return call.

When I finally got someone nice via IM they told me they would help me get everything resolved, that never happened, so I asked for a refund, since no one could provide me with a copy of said "background check" which according to state law I am entitled to see... they would not return the calls or IM's

I am sorry if anyone else is being fooled. There are lots of great REAL companies out there that provide support and don't ask you to do a job with no training.

Good luck to all of you.

Carly said...

I work for Axis Global and I can assure you that we are not a scam. If you listen to news reports about scams on work-from-home positions, you will realize that asking for a background check to start a process is not beyond a reputable firm. You need to pass one for a mortar office, why not for telecommuting?
Companies cannot release sensitive information (social security numbers, bank accounts, any personal information) to just anyone! That would be the scam that could turn into identity theft.
There is one complaint on for Axis Global in three years. And it doesn’t even say what it was, so it obviously wasn’t that important, was it?
There are complaints online that state people don’t have jobs after paying the money. Than why am I working, I wonder? I had to do the same thing. So, that is a falsehood, as well.
There are complaints online that say people can’t find their website. Funny. If you type it in correctly you get there right away. So… are we sure those people know how to spell it?
There are complaints its not on Google. Funny. If you type axisglobalclientreferralservices into Google’s search engine, it’s right on top. The very first entry. The same people are blind, too, apparently.
Oh! Those complaints that say they received an email from us? Those people talked to one of our recruiters! That’s why they have the email. We don’t blanket email people. We talk to them first.
So. Those complaints are all falsehoods. This is a great company to work for and the clients that anyone would work for besides Axis have been in business for eons. The types of jobs you can find include: customer service (inbound/outbound), data entry, transcription, accounting, technical, and the list goes on.
PLEASE do real research on a company before you complain about them! Here’s another thought: Go to the horse’s mouth. Call us and ask us! 405-886-9429.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually post on blogs, but Axis Global about got me too. The one big red flag that helped me make my decision was the wording of the website information. The grammar and word usage is atrocious. No self-respecting, legitimate company would present itself so badly. This is an example copied directly from their home page:

Thanks to all of our viewers nationwide that we have been very successful in in serving thousands nationwide in various outsourcing marketing job areas.

Vicki said...

**Please visit and read the entries there about this FRAUD, SCAMMING Axis Global Client Referral company there.
I was ripped off by them and I am still pretty upset. I am posting the truth about them in as many places as I can, so innocent victims will NOT lose their money.

I filled out the stupid application and paid them $45, the fee they call a background check What was I thinking?!

After 2 months, I had heard nothing from them, but had a receipt of payment in an email. I spent a lot of time on Yahoo IM talking to their "fly-by-night" typers, explaining what happened. I was told that I was NOT in their system, and to resubmit the application AND the $45! I told them I would resubmit the application, but would NOT pay them twice.
I was told again the next day (after resubmitting their application) that I was NOT in their system and to do it again and to pay again! WTF!

When I called their number, 405-886-9429 and the person answered "hello". Wow, what a greeting for a "business!"

I told her my story and she had a very nasty tone to her voice when she told me..."You are not in our system. Do the application and pay us the $45. I asked her if this was a real business and she spit out "yes", then I told her she was a fraud and I hung up.


Anonymous said...

I received a call from Axis Global yesterday, and after reading the comments and the obligatory defensive positions from Axis "Internal Position Holders," I decided I'm going to see just how pushy this company is. If a company is completely legitimate, they will fill positions easily; people should literally be in lines to work there. However, if the one thing the internal representatives need the most is the $45.00 'back-up check fee,' then obviously, there's a problem. So Carrie from Baltimore, Vanessa Lynn Johnson, Anne K, the entire AG HR Staff, and the endearing and caring Carly, let us see how awesome of a company that Access Global is by not even being bothered when I flake on call-backs, flake on the $45.00 payment, and simply run your staff around until someone basically becomes rude when I 'decide' not to 'work' for Access Global. It'll be the first time I was literally harassed after being a flakey candidate.

Anonymous said...

The website: is registered to:

Jessica Mitchell
P O Box 21296
Oklahoma City, Ok 73114

405-761-7221 (cell phone)

The 405-886-9429 number they also use is also a cell phone.

The OKC Better Business Bureau gives them a big "F" with unresponsive complaints. They have the CEO listed as S.Smith. (LOL)

I put it in the scam category. Save your money.

Who runs a legitimate business with cell phones and P O Boxes!


Anonymous said...

Hi I paid the fee and I have had nothing but the best luck in finding jobs from home. I have worked with Axis Global from home for the past 3 months and I would like to tell all how Legitimate Axis Global really is when I had doubts in the beginning due to all online scams that I encountered before I found them.

Axis Global has helped me and a lot of my friends stay at home to take care of our families during a time like this when I lost my job due to this horrible recession we are in. I have had nothing but GOOD luck with them, so maybe working from home is not for everyone in todays world. I currently work as a document coder with a medium size medical clinic client referral that allows me to code documents daily for them from home through Axis Global Client Referral Services - I make $12.50 per hour and I love my job from home.

Thank God! I do get paid hourly and on time by them and I recommend them to anyone who is unemployed needing work badly. The one time fee is their only fee and its legitimate. I would rather pay one fee for something very legitimate instead of listening to people who has never paid the fee and only speculating bad reports online - which detours me when I read negative messages that is posted on this site by many companies of all sorts. Anyone can post negative adds to destroy valuable clients that have good reputations, its a name game it seems when finding reliable clients to work for especially from home.

You can contact them directly daily at 1-405-886-9429 or online here to apply to find a job to work reliable and legitimately from home.

Hope you all find work soon!

Anonymous said...

This company has been rated an F by the better business bureau.

This company continually spams my email address and despite repeated requests to be removed, I continue to be spammed. I have filed a complaint with the FTC, and I still receive emails from them on a daily basis. Furthermore, this company calls me despite being requested to be removed from all mailings and all phone communications.

This company has also threatened people who make legitimate complaints online with legal action.

Can't say with any certainty if the company is a "scam" - but I can say with extreme confidence that this is one of the most offensive companies, with regards to customer service, that I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Even in their responses to their complaints, they come across as highly argumentative and petty.

There are more complaints than praise on the internet about this company - that should be enough to steer you clear of this company, which is run with cell phones and PO boxes...

Jade said...


I'm also a "victim" of Axis Global. I repeatedly tried to get them to respond to my requests for better information about their job availability. When they didnt respond, I then asked them to call me so that I could speak w/ someone. When they didnt do that, I sent them an email complaining about their lack of professionalism, and chalked the rest of it up to a 45 dollar lesson-learned.

Then, they actually contacted me again soliciting their job bank and "work at home" opportunities (HA!). I then called the number they gave me to "speak to a recruiter".

I noticed that the "hired" positive reviews that are in this blog mention that all we need to do is call "Mindy or Carol" at Human Resources and they will help.

I did call them, before I had read this blog, and because I didnt have an "application code" they supposedly couldnt look me up to find out why they hadn't sent me any thing worthwhile in the last 8 months since I paid for my "background check". They couldnt find me on file w/o the application code, so "Mindy" said.

So I asked "Mindy", what do you send to the IRS when you send in my 1099 report?? Dont you use my SSN?? Can't you just look it up w/ that? Would you believe she hung up on me??

So I called back and then she actually told me that because of my "unprofessional behavior" they would not work w/ me anymore--as if they had been working w/ me at all!

I sent another email demanding to speak to someone in a position of authority, and they sent back an email saying I was harrassing their employees.

So if you want to know if it is a scam or not....I'd say if not a scam, it is one of the most unprofessionally run "businesses" I've ever encountered and actually reminds me of some high school level operation---naively shortsighted and severely lacking in the skills it takes to work with customers across the mulitple levels of the commercial market.

They are unresponsive to critical issues and unable to differentiate between what is a priority and what is not, in my humble opinion.

By the way, I received no results of the background check (if they even do one) that cost me $45.00. I doubt anyone ever does. I received only a vague email w/ some incomplete links to jobs in which I didnt even get the full information because they blocked out the phone numbers to the actual job contact in many instances.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much everyone. I was contacted by email and wondered who they got mine. I do not recall or remember to enlist their job list, but they sent me an email offering a working in house job anyway. The letter offers only 48 hours to apply for the job and requires all private information including SSN and Credit card information. I was very interested in the job but I did not want to waste my money. I called the number they have in their email and talked to the person named "Jessica Mitchell." She actually answered the phone and made their business like very legitimate one. It was hard for me to ask her questions which I deserve to know. She definitely is going to make you feel bad to ask these questions.

Next, she called me again to rush me into the applying process. Finally I started my research on this company and saw this website. I am so glad to read all these comments. I can tell which one is true and which one is not.

Thank you for those who were victims of this company. I was about to waste $45 but saved it because of you. Thank You.

Elisabeth S. said...

I'm very thankful to find this. I've been looking for a telecommuting job and when I got the call from this company it sound "to good to be true." I saw lots of red flags. First off having to pay for a background check.

I worked for a small company for two years as an admin assistant. Part of the business was hiring contractors for the telecommunitacions field .
When we had to do background checks we always payed the cost and not the contractors we hired.

I'm just glad that I didn't lose money I don't have.

Anonymous said...

I just contacted them via IM and they said my profile is inactive and I need to pay another background check fee. CAN YOU SAY SCAM???

W: Home said...

I've received one comment from one of your agents. I find it unlikely that you've received numerous complaints about my post as I've only received 27 unique visitors to my blog since posting this report on 7/31. But, if you have, if fact, received complaints from SO many of your agents, I invite them to leave me comments as to their experiences too. I welcome a well rounded discussion of your company so that my readers get the truth of the situation. If you are, in fact, a genuine agency, then my readers will need to know that because it is very difficult to find any information about your company online, positive or negative. And if you have a policy of threatening everyone who writes about your company with lawsuits, then that explains why. That is not a good way to promote your site.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just got a message from one Data Axis Virtual, and the email reads practically identically to the one described above. They say that I apparently applied to work for them, which I did NOT, and asked for a deposit for a background check. I almost did it too, but decided to check into it before I did. Thanks a lot for posting warnings. Keep up the good work, I owe ya one! ;)

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- Direct Sales companies are the tried and true method of working from home. With hundreds, if not, thousands to choose from, how do you know which on is right for you?

The Ins and Outs of Medical Transcriptionist Work at Home Jobs

- Medical transcriptionists can work from home translating dictation from physicians and other health care professionals, into written reports, correspondence and other documents that can be used for medical records.

Work at Home Careers in Medical Transcriptionist

- learn about how the job works, medical transcription certification, employers, tips and more

Mystery Shopping as a Work at Home Job

Choosing a Home Business Wisely

- With company representatives competing for your hard-earned dollar at every turn, how do you choose the business venture which best fits your needs, goals, and lifestyle?

Work at Home with Affiliate Marketing

Home Business Opportunities for Computer Experts

Make a Living Working at Home in the Greeting Card Industry

- make greeting cards, sell greetings cards, work at home and earn money

Virtual Assistant

- get a virtual assistant job and telecommute or open your own home based business

Start a Home Based Freelance Career as a Photographer

Writing in your Home Office

Freelance Writers Work from Home and so do Bloggers

Make Money at Home, Get Paid to:

Receive Phone Calls, Post, Shop, Click, Play, Read Email, Search

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